Analysis of the documents received

  • Information on the type of system
  • Study of the layout of the refinery
  • List of works to be carried out and of plant and equipment insulation schemes
  • Study of the layout of the equipment (elevations, accessibility, particular types of material, etc.).
  • Materials and related technical drawings by equipment, by type, by planimetric position, by installation height

Inspection of verification and confirmation

Examination of the conditions of the site

  • Availability of utilities
  • Logistic situation
  • Accessibility to facilities

Availability of materials

Control of possible interference with work carried out by other companies

Identification of works to be carried out by subcontractors

  • Scaffolding
  • High pressure washing
  • Chemical washing
  • Special lifts
  • Insulations

Planning of the construction site organization

  • number of area coordinators
  • number of foremen (1/10 workers)
  • equipment and means of work
  • workforce

Intervention scheduling based on

  • Stopping times established by the customer
  • Technical information
  • Special interventions planned by the customer

Risk analysis


Construction site mobilization

  • Containers offices
  • Showers and toilets
  • Changing rooms and canteen

Transfer to the plant areas

  • Gaskets, blind and blind flanges, test rings
  • Bolts and tie rods
  • Box with equipment (tirfort, slings, keys, hydraulic screwdrivers, etc.)
  • Dedicated equipment (motorized extractors for tube bundles, bundle transport machines)
  • Tower crane
  • Fork lift
  • Compressors and electric generators
  • Electro and motorcycle welders

Preparation of documents for the release of authorization to carry out works

Meetings with the customer’s technicians for

  • Aspects / definition of work to be performed
  • Safety for carrying out the activity

Assembly of scaffolding metal structures where possible

Flanged coupling nuts and bolts lubrication

All staff training meeting
on the specific risks of the plants in which to operate

Preparation for each foreman
of all documentation relating to the work entrusted to him


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