Thanks to our equipment, which is regularly renewed, maintained and, where required, calibrated in a certified laboratory, as per procedures integrated in our management system, RODA ensures a high level of quality on the work performed.

Services we offer:

  • Assistance in the shout down and start up phase of the plants
  • Complete maintenance on heat exchangers
  • Complete maintenance of Vessel-Reactors-Columns

RO.DA, thanks to its experience, satisfies the requests of its customers: general mechanical maintenance; accurate dedication and professionalism in the disassembly and assembly phases of exchangers of any size and type; interventions on columns; reactor maintenance (disassembly / assembly); interventions on tanks; boilers.

In addition, RO.DA, thanks to its specialized staff, carries out interventions to restore plant lines, steam leaks and prefabrication (skid / metal carpentry / metal structures in general) on site or at its own equipped workshop.

In carrying out its activities, RO.DA adheres to the quality and safety standards required by law.


  • Blinding and de-blinding of battery limit, thanks to trained and certified personnel, even with the use of breathing apparatus.
  • Complete assistance to the customer’s operators
  • Co-auditing of resources by our foremen
  • Preliminary hotbolting activity in order to save time in the blind insertion phase
  • Blind equipment, which is performed in a short time thanks to its expert staff.
  • Disassembly of all its components (to the attention of personnel safety, we are among the first companies in Europe with the least number of accidents)
  • Repair activities on components such as, damage grinding, reloads with welding (temper bead and over-lay) for parts of components in sub-thickness.
  • High pressure washing of tube bundle and exchanger components.
  • Reassembly of the exchanger with the use of bundle puller and latest generation equipment
  • For critical exchangers, and where required, roda srl, with personnel certified according to the en 1591-4 standard, performs controlled tightening with torque and hydraulic wrenches and battery powered J-gun.
  • RODA SRL. guarantees the tightness of the exchanger by carrying out all the hydraulic tests as per customer specifications, with test ring and counter ring where required.
  • Hydrodynamics
  • Preliminary hotbolting activity in order to save time in the blind insertion phase
  • Blind equipment, which is performed quickly thanks to its expert staff, and latest generation equipment
  • Opening and closing external manholes
  • Disassembly of components in confined spaces, such as demister and carpentry parts
  • Opening and closing internal manholes
  • Hydraulic testing where required
  • Blind removal


  • Personnel specialized in the maintenance of refining equipment such as: heat exchangers, vessel columns and filters, and all related activities such as: opening and closing flanged couplings, cleaning of the gasket seat, bundle extraction, hydraulic testing and equipment reassembly
  • Maintenance assistants to whom we support more experienced maintainers to ensure the continuous growth and training of our staff
  • Our staff is authorized to use self-contained breathing apparatus preparatory to blinding activities for critical lines
  • All our most experienced maintainers are in possession of the en 1591-4 certification for the controlled tightening activity where required, with snap-on torque wrenches, hydraulic wrenches and latest generation cordless torque wrenches.
  • Staff specialized in tie-in assembly and new piping projects
  • General welders, and argon welders
  • Assistant pipe makers and welders assistants to whom we support expert staff to ensure the continuous growth and training of our team


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